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How do you get people going to Centrale in Croydon when London’s West End is only half an hour away?
Having created the centre’s long-standing ‘Any Excuse’ brand campaign, we knew their shoppers wanted to be inspired and entertained, and only needed the slightest justification to get their next fashion fix. We also knew that for fashion, Centrale’s stores rivalled some of the West End’s finest.

So we took Centrale out to the people with a fun, bold and disruptive use of ambient space. Our ‘Month of Fashion’: a fully integrated campaign that started with a station takeover at East Croydon, giving 1 million people the chance to strut their stuff along our huge catwalk and strike a pose for the cameras.

We then turned plain old shopping centre lifts into glamorous walk–in wardrobes, launched competitions on Facebook, and gave top fashion tips via our Style Guide magazine, blog and Twitter feed – plus offers to help ‘justify’ their next shopping spree.

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