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We know budgets are tight. We know technology is rapidly advancing and we know that you, our clients, are all looking for solutions to help better connect with your consumers.

As a marketing communications consultancy specialising in digital and direct communications one area we do a lot of work in is email. We recently stood back and asked ourselves how we could help our clients run email campaigns quicker, more efficient and more effective.

From what I read being able to communicate the right message and the right time is the holy grail of marketing. If it is then we believe our new online email editor tool is one such solution that will help companies achieve this yet still save time and money on costly email campaigns.

Our flexible tool, built with the user experience at its heart, will allow marketers to build responsive emails by selecting content, from pre-approved copy and feature sections to imagery and headlines. A fully coded responsive email that’s guaranteed to be on-brand and on-message will then be generated – putting you in control and erasing the need to pay for the design and build of each new email campaign.

We’re in the process of launching this at the moment but its gathering a lot of interest so if you would like to know more then contact me for a demonstration.

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