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“It’s hard to be agile when you’re a global company” – a nice quote from the mouth of Martin Sorrell in his IPA interview with Evan Davies on commercial creativity and relevant not least for the current need for ‘faster, better, cheaper’.

Interestingly, for an agency such as ours, he goes on to say that “Boutique agencies can work incredibly well when they join up with bigger networks. Mixing old and new creates value.”.
So how can an agency like Baber Smith compete with a WPP company and why should a business like yours want to work with us? Here are some of my thoughts:

1. Agility

“Your creative has the WOW factor”. Being a small and nimble agency means we can turn round projects in a much quicker fashion. It also means we care (we REALLY do) and will work hard to quickly understand the business objective and what the desire outcome needs to be. It why we get feedback like the above.

2. Ensuring Return

“Data Capture + 250%, Footfall = 8% + 7% sales”. Results like the above matter for us. Although we have retained clients we also occupy a world in which you are only as good as your last project. I truly believe that our role is to help the business and our personal client to achieve their objectives. These results could be increases in sales, footfall, revenue, awareness, newly acquired customers you name it. We base our performance on the necessary metrics the campaign and business requires. We have no shareholders to satisfy and we’d prefer world domination for our clients.

3. Value

I found some interesting quotes whilst researching the needs of procurement departments my favourite being “the right team at the right investment improves strategic creative and ROI”. As a smaller agency we have less overheads and means we can put the focus on the idea. This doesn’t necessarily mean cheap but it does guarantee we will price up the solution effectively. Perhaps contrary to what Will King says you can have “champagne using beer money*” (*quality craft beer I should add.).

4. Specialist Knowledge

Being small means we can be focused on a particular area. We have made a conscious decision to become Service Industry specialists. With a heritage in driving footfall in retail and a client based that includes Princess Cruises, American Express and many of its partners including British Airways, easyJet, Hilton & Trip Advisor we really understand the industry and what emotional hooks get people going. The business is also made up of specialists in different disciplines from copy writers to digital gurus to travel experts & culture vultures each one playing valuable part in what makes us who we are.

This specialist knowledge also means that we can help your business not only improve processes but by sharing this knowledge becoming trusted advisors and with you we can help you evolve and become category leaders thus moving you forward.

To head back to the start of this article and Mr Sorrell’s quote, our experience of working with clients such as American Express also means we are used to having one of the big boys playing the lead. With Ogilvy handling the ATL and strategy, our role is to take this and translate it into engaging and emotive communications.

So when you next source an agency perhaps it’s worth remembering that even Martin Sorrell would advise you to seek out a smaller, boutique agency like ours. So what are you waiting for. Get in touch.

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